Solar Flares – What Crystals to Use to Ground Yourself

SOLAR FLARES can affect you. Earth empaths are especially sensitive to solar flares and solar system events but everyone on Earth is impacted.

We have had so many people and clients come to us in the last two weeks with issues of being ungrounded, unbalanced, chakras out of alignment. I think this all has to do with the massive solar flares that are happening now with our sun as well as other events occurring in our solar system. I had not been keeping track of any of this until I recently started following my cousin on Facebook as well as a Facebook page called “Strange Skies.” Awesome information!

The main complaints are:

  • Ungrounded
  • Vertigo
  • Chakras are out of alignment
  • Unbalanced
  • Feeling of impending doom
  • Problems of polarity

The best healing crystals to deal with this phenomena include any of the grounding stones but to me the best are:

  • Shungite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Smoky Quartz

In addition, a grounding exercise can be helpful using these stones. Stand or sit with bare feet on ground or grass outside. Put smoky quartz at feet, black tourmaline in hands, and shungite somewhere around head or neck if possible.

Grounding Meditation:

Imagine that you are a tree deeply rooted and that your roots are going deep, deep into the ground.

Visualize healing and growth taking place as your roots grow deeper and deeper.

Imagine that your hands and arms are branches reaching up to the Sun.

Feel the sun and warmth on your hands and arms.

Imagine that the sun is healing and creating growth and life in you, healing all the holes and trauma that have occurred in your life.

Move up to your head and see your crown growing and reaching toward the heavens. The sun is healing and creating growth and spiritual awareness for you. Your Third Eye Chakra is healed and opening to spiritual enlightenment.

Thank the Divine Spirit for giving you life and healing the hurts and past traumas. Thank the Everlasting Divine for creating growth and awareness even in these trying times. Thank God for letting you be a beacon of love and hope to others.


Protects and Grounds
Tumbled Shungite


Tumbled Black Tourmaline

Smoky Quartz Ema Eggs


Toxic Crystals – A Contradiction in Terms?

Toxic Healing Crystals List Revised 7/4/2017 – this list is not inclusive and not all of these are considered dangerous. But they do have the potential to be TOXIC. Always check online to see if the crystals you are using are dangerous to ingest or handle. Use your best judgement and if in doubt, use the indirect method for elixirs. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling healing crystals and minerals.

Malachite is a toxic crystal

PLEASE do not put in your mouth

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Amazonite Beryl Celestite Diopside
Aragonite Bismuth Chrysocolla Dravite
Aquamarine Bloodstone CINNABAR
Azurite Barite Copper Dumortierite
Axinite Cavansite




Emerald Fluorite GALENA Heliodor
Eudialyte Goshenite Hiddenite
Epidote Garnet
Gem Silica




Iolite Jadeite Kyanite Lodestone
Iron Jet Kunzite Labradorite
Idocrase Lapis Lazuli




MALACHITE New Jade Opal Pietersite
Moonstone Pyrite
Morganite Prehnite
Meteorite Peacock Ore




Rainbow Moonstone Sapphire Turquoise
Ruby Serpentine Topaz
Rhodochrosite Sugilite Tektite
Rubellite Schorl Tiger Iron
Sulphur Tanzanite
Sodalite Tourmaline
Sunstone Tiger Eye
Spinel Thulite





Vesuvianite Wulfenite Zoisite
Wavellite Zincite

The Skinny on TOXIC Crystals

 Lately, it seems like many crystal practitioners are getting very casual in their approach to crystals. Gemstone elixirs are the new buzzword and everyone and their favorite celebrity are ingesting these “sacred waters.”  And then there are the crystal “newbies” who think that because crystals are “natural,” that they are safe. After all, they come out of Mother Gaia, what can be safer than that?

Perhaps it is because I have worked in the environmental health field for thirty years and am a natural cynic and it doesn’t help that I am on every POISON TOXIC ACCIDENTAL DEATH Listserv in the world BUT… Please Please Please… Use caution when making crystal elixirs.

Dangerous healing crystal seems like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? However, there are many, many healing crystals which are not safe to ingest, place in the mouth, or place in direct method water elixirs because they contain toxic trace elements. Some, like Galena, should only be handled with gloves. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling crystals even the nontoxic ones.

Be very aware of the crystals that you use and know which ones pose a threat to you, your family, your pets, and your clients.

Cinnabar in Quartz 

Wash your hands after handling Cinnabar

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Remember that healing crystals come from the mining industry. The mining industry uses very toxic products in the mining process. A good example of this is ARSENIC. Yes, arsenic. These products remain on and possibly even seep into the crystal. Other crystals have trace minerals and elements within their very makeup which render them dangerous. Some crystals have aluminum, copper, sulfur, or other toxic minerals in their chemical makeup.

This is NOT a comprehensive list of all the dangerous crystals. This is a list of commonly used healing crystals and includes crystals that most crystal practitioners will have in their inventory. The crystal practitioner is responsible for the elixirs and remedies that they give to their clients. Please research the crystals that you use in direct method elixirs. It is my recommendation, however, that the crystal practitioner always use the indirect method for their clients. You can never be too careful.



Water holds vibration. So it is not necessary to place the crystal directly into the water. The indirect method is done by placing the crystal in a small glass bowl and then placing that bowl in a larger bowl of spring water. The water should rise above the crystal but not co-mingle with the crystal. The water will resonate with the crystal through the glass bowl and hold the vibration of the crystal without ever touching the crystal itself.

Indirect Method Step 1– place the crystal in the small glass bowl (no water) and then place the first bowl within a larger glass bowl with enough water to be above the level of the crystal in the first bowl. Place in sunlight or moonlight for several hours. Cover with a glass lid or any type of cling film. The water without the crystal becomes the elixir. Do not co-mingle the crystal with the water.

Step 2. Bottle and Preserve

Make the Mother Elixir. Unless you will be using the elixir that same day, a preservative must be used or the elixir will become stagnant. Bottle with 1/3 elixir mixture (water from step 1) and 2/3 brandy, vodka, or cider vinegar. This is the Mother Elixir from which small dosages will be made.

Dosage Amount. Take a smaller glass bottle and add 2/3 preservative and 1/3 spring water. Add seven drops of the Mother Elixir.

Spray Bottle. To make a spray, add seven drop of Mother Elixir to pure or spring water if using immediately that day. If not, add vodka as the preservative to the mixture. Vodka has no smell and works well in the crystal spray elixir.

Step 3. How to Use:

The Elixir can be taken orally throughout the day by holding the water in the mouth for a few seconds.  If you have a dropper, drop three – seven drops under the tongue throughout the day.

Elixirs can be rubbed on the body in the affected area or at the wrist. This can also be added to bath water.

For spray mixtures, spray around the aura of the ill person or around the room. This will help clear out any negative energy from the room of a sick person or a room where negative energy has set up shop.


Use the indirect method for crystal elixirs.

Research the crystals you use for remedies and elixirs.

Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling crystals.

Be aware of the crystals in your inventory such as GALENA which should be handled with plastic gloves. Certain toxins can actually penetrate the skin and get absorbed BEFORE you have time to go wash your hands.

Galena causes brain damage 

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