Seer Stones – Divine Prophecy or Windows to the Soul?

Seer stones are healing crystals with a window or flat edge on one side of the stone. Psychics and crystal empaths use these stones to see into the “future” or foretell future events.

Seer stones are typically those healing crystals with a “window” or flat edge to the side of the stone. These are also called “Emu eggs” and window stones among other names. Usually they are larger stones but any size can be considered a Seer Stone.

Rose Quartz Seer Stones courtesy of Cisco Traders

My interest was piqued when I had shamanic practitioners purchasing large quantities of these stones in order to access other worlds!

I discovered that many crystal healers and psychics use the stones to “look” into the stone and predict the future of the client based on what they see. Please understand, I have never had this ability to see anything when looking into the window of the crystal.


The Bible refers to the Urim and Thummin and this is still a mystery as to what it is was. Many believe it is a set of items that contained two stones, seer stones, or perhaps it was just the stones themselves. These stones were believed to be attached to a rod or stick and used for revelations of things in the future or even matters in the past.

Urim and Thummin as seer stones were instruments which God used to give people visions or words of prophecy. The early church believed that God gave mankind revelations through inspiration, voices, tongues of an unknown language that others would interpret, through dreams, visions, angelic visitations, Urim and Thummin (seer stones), or through visitation by God or Jesus, the ultimate sources.

To be clear, there is a difference in a prophet and a seer. A prophet is a Greek word meaning “one who foretells future events” or a “spokeman.” In the Bible, the seer comes before the prophet and is considered a type of “forerunner” to the prophet/ The seer might even be considered greater than the prophet.

The seer had the added gift of “seership” – having the gift of seeing that which God chooses to reveal. A seer actually “sees” a vision with his/her eyes and makes a prediction based on what he/she sees. The seer may “see” these visions either in the sky, through the seer stones, or through water or other objects.

Throughout history, mankind has used crystals as instruments of divination with the powers of spiritualism for good and for evil. Primitive people believed in the magical powers of quartz crystals. These are still used for power and energy by the aborigines of Australia and Polynesia, as well as native Americans in North America.

Not only seer stones but regular crystals, sticks, quartz crystals, crystal balls, and crystal skulls are used today as a medium to obtain visions and prophecies. However, there is a distinct scarcity of God’s seers. In fact, the church today frowns on seers and the use of crystals to prophecy and provide revelations. A lack of divine seers in today’s world was foretold by the ancient seers who said it would lead to a path of evil and darkness.

Clear Quartz Seer Stones are considered to be very powerful. Photograph by Cisco Traders


There are other, more practical uses of seer stones than just telling the future. People use seer stones to find lost items. One customer used hers to locate her lost dog. Another said that she used her seer stone to find her lost keys one morning when she was desperate and late for work.

Energy workers recount experiences that their seer stones have enabled them to access other dimensions. Shamanic practitioners indicate the same type of help and of being able to access other “worlds.”

One gentleman uses his stone to find placer gold in the desert.

Any type of use of the seer stone should be considered to be a gift of God to help direct and guide mankind to lighten the path of life.

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