Ten Top Tucson Gemstones That Will Rock Your World

Top Ten List of Tucson Healing Crystals:

  • Kunzite is a beautiful crystal that dissolves negativity and raises one’s vibrations.
  • Lemon Quartz is useful for working for past life recall.
  • Purpurite is one of the purest stones of the Violet Ray. Reiki Masters love this stone!
  • Pine Stone or Pinolith enhances optimism and balance.
  • Pink Morganite is attuned to the frequency of Divine Love
  • Eudialyte heals the emotional body.
  • Stichtite with Serpentine brings the knowledge of ancient civilizations into the energy of the stone.
  • Pink Petalite is used to communicate with the Angelic Realm.
  • Red Rutilated Quartz enhances telepathy and intuition as well as psychic abilities
  • Pink Girasol enhances communication and speech, giving one the courage to speak freely.

Tucson’s Top Ten Tumbled Stones 2020

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