10 Signs that You are Undergoing the Ascension Process Right Now

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We get so many questions in our crystal business and with our Reiki clients about the Ascension process, how and what it is, and how do you know if you are going through it. The Ascension process is a way of life, a path one has chosen to tread. It is a conscious choice. Ascension is all about transforming or transmuting the negative energy that comes your way into positive energy. Ascension can also be considered a spiritual awakening.

Ascension signs and symptoms vary. You might simply feel that something is happening to you. You might experience flashes of insight that you never had before. You may be more empathetic with others as well as with animals and plants. You may feel like your healing crystals are talking to you.

10 Signs that You are Undergoing Ascension:

1. You have unusual sensations in the crown of your head or experience more headaches than usual near the crown of your head.

2. You may notice changes in perception and see shadows, fog, mist, where there is none or even see flashes of light and color where there should not be any.

3. People report seeing recurring number patters such as 11:11 or 24:24 in unlikely places such as a vehicle license plate or on a receipt.

4. You may feel that you are undergoing a change in identity and you may suddenly feel a strong urge to change your name.

5. People experience vivid dreams of a prophetic nature; Deceased friends and relatives appear in the dreams conveying an important message.

6. You may hear strange sounds that you can not identify or do not understand the words that people speak.

7. You will notice bodily changes in temperature and changes in the food you prefer.

8. You will notice strange coincidences in your life, and patterns of synchronicity.

9. You may have a sudden urge to change your job or school or move to another part of the country.

10. You have a feeling that something is about to happen and you will play an important part in it.

What to do if you think you are undergoing the Ascension Process?

Enjoy the ride and see where it takes you! However, if the symptoms are of a concern to you – contact a holistic healer who can work with you to determine if you are indeed going through the Ascension Process, and what to do if you are.

In my opinion, Ascension is a state of mind and once achieved, the person will still be here on Earth (not everyone agrees with this theory). You will be on a much higher plane, able to not let the petty annoyances here on Earth get to you. You may still have a job, family, and take out the trash. But you will see the bigger picture and have a higher vision of what you are to do. Material possessions will no longer have any hold on you other than as a means to satisfy the end.

There is some historical validity in believing that Ascension is taking place on Earth now. Hindus believe we have reached the end of Kali Yuga or Dark Age and that we are now entering the Sat Yuga or Golden Age. Westerners who use astrological charts believe that the Age of Pisces has ended and we are now entering the Age of Aquarius. Christians believe that when Christ comes back, Christians will ascend and actually leave Earth behind.

Interestingly enough, when I looked up symptoms of Ascension, I realized that I have MOST of these symptoms! And oddly enough, many of them just started. For example, I have an overwhelming urge to change my name and change my full-time job! Just came out of the blue. Just.Like.That. Also, after 60 years of eating chicken and ham, I can no longer even begin to choke those food products down. The weird number 11:11 keeps showing up, too, as does 22:22 for me.

What symptoms of Ascension do YOU have? Share and let us know your thoughts and progression along the Ascension Path.


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